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Calgary Caribou Habitat Restoration, Linear Restoration and Linear Deactivation

Calgary  Services

Calgary Services

At Global Restoration Corp our services are tailored to our client’s objectives

With 25 years of project management and construction experience, we provide you with peace of mind by ensuring your projects are completed in a safe and cost effective manner.

We Offer:

Project Planning:

We can take your project objectives and turn them into a field ready, operational plan. This includes developing effective safety plans, selecting the right equipment, planning access, mapping high risk areas and determining which site preparation techniques and native species are best suited for the ecosystem being restored.

Project Management:

We can also help manage your projects by training, coaching and supervising your contractors to ensure safe operations and that all prescriptions are being followed. At GRC, we recognize the importance of developing positive working relationships with both the contractor and operators. We do this by creating a true sense of purpose in our work and a culture that rewards quality results. This approach has been particularly successful with First Nations contractors.

Mechanical Site Preparation – Executing your project is where GRC excels. We are pioneers in site preparation in Alberta and are committed to delivering effective results on your projects. GRC can provide all the equipment and operators necessary to ensure your project is carried out safely, economically and that your objectives and timelines are met. We use a variety of techniques during site preparation and linear deactivation including:

“At GRC, our management systems help maintain a focus on safety and quality from start to finish. We ensure your projects are completed on time and as economically as possible.”

Through the use of these techniques, we create the favorable ecological conditions required to assist the natural restoration of forests and animal habitats.

Securing Nursery Stock:

Over the past 25 years, we have developed an excellent working relationship with nurseries and we can help secure high quality trees and shrubs for your restoration projects. Seed Collection and Delivery System – We also offer services to source the native plant seed you require. We will make sure you have high quality seed for your project, and that all regulations are adhered to.

GRC is also currently working on the development of a new ‘enhanced seed delivery system’. This product will assist the reclamation and forest industries in establishing a range of shrubs, forbes and trees from seed. The concept is a portable micro site that will facilitate germination and establishment of vegetation on disturbed sites. In 2013, GRC began working with the Canadian Forest Service to research and develop this concept. This work was made possible through funding from the Oil Sands Leadership Initiative.