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Calgary Caribou Habitat Restoration, Linear Restoration and Linear Deactivation

Over the past 40+ years there has been a significant reduction in undisturbed animal habitat in Alberta and British Columbia.

Fragmentation of animal habitat by roads, seismic lines, well sites, oil gas & powerline right of ways has been a growing concern.

Habitat restoration projects are now underway in a number of areas in Alberta to restore old roads, leases and seismic lines, setting them on a trajectory that will see them restored to healthy functioning ecosystems and animal habitats.

About Global Restoration Corp

Global Restoration has been directly involved in the restoration (defragmentation) of over 120,000 hectares of caribou habitat in the Ft McMurray, Cold Lake and Little Smokey areas; in total it would be equivalent to an area twice the size of the city of Toronto. Global’s President, Dave Larsen is considered one of the few pioneers in linear restoration and has contributed to the majority of linear deactivation projects in Alberta.

Global Restoration Corp recently received; “The Alberta Chamber of Resources Major Reclamation Award” for its commitment to the restoration of disturbed lands in Alberta.

Why Use Global Restoration Corp

Peace of mind; knowing we are bringing years of experience, scientifically backed methods and proven systems and tools. Our reputation has been built on providing our clients cost effective solutions, proven through research, that are environmentally sound and safe. Our team is committed to completing the job safely, on time and within budget. With regards to safety, Global has developed a number of planning and procedural systems that deal specifically with linear and wetland restoration.

Global Restoration = reduced costs, increased safety, objectives achieved.

We work to meet your needs and objectives.

Dedicated to assisting the natural restoration of our forests and animal habitats Safety.Innovation.Ecology.

Our Services

Working together to reduce our footprint throughout Western Canada We can help you with: Facilitation of Vegetation Materials: Our services are tailored according to the needs of our clients by managing projects and programs in their entirety or through supplying personnel and/or equipment for specific areas of need. Dedicated to assisting the natural restoration of our forests and animal habitats Safety.Innovation.Ecology.