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Calgary Caribou Habitat Restoration, Linear Restoration and Linear Deactivation

Calgary LiDEA Caribou Habitat Restoration

Calgary LiDEA Caribou Habitat Restoration

“Cenovus chose Global Restoration Corp for the highly unique and valuable combination of qualities possessed by Dave Larsen and his staff, specifically their field and operational experience, their heavy equipment knowledge, their participation and contribution to applied research projects in forest restoration, and their positive attitude towards our projects.”

Michael Cody,

Lead – Environmental Operations Specialists, Cenovus

Global Restoration has been working with Cenovus on the world’s largest habitat restoration initiative ever. The project is LiDea and is expected to take 10 years and cost over 30 million dollars. To date the LiDea program has set over 100,000 hectors of caribou habitat on a trajectory to a full recovery, this is being accomplished by deactivating (using a number forestry and innovative techniques) and planting all the linear and well site disturbances inside of the targeted areas. Global’s involvement in the project was initially as a site preparation contractor, providing equipment and operational expertise. As the project continued to grow our role expanded to operations and field management as well as working with a local First Nations contractor to help train their operators on a variety of site preparation techniques and safe work procedures.

While on the LiDea program Global initiated a number of safe work procedures and systems that were embraced by the LiDea team members. Systems and procedures developed include safe equipment operations, mapping, ice and frost depth protocols, and hazard identification as well as working safely on muskeg. Global also introduced digital maps on iPads for all field staff and operators to improve safety and increase efficiencies, the digital maps indicate the location of each machine, show the prescribed treatment and highlight areas of increased risk. Our experience in the forest and silviculture industry was also an asset in helping to develop site prep techniques and planting densities that would meet the project objectives.

“Global Restoration ensures our management systems maintain a focus on safety and quality from start to finish”

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