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Edmonton Caribou Habitat Restoration, Linear Restoration and Linear Deactivation

Edmonton Winter Tree Panting Inter Pipeline Ltd.

Edmonton Winter Tree Panting Inter Pipeline Ltd.

In 2013 Global Restoration was hired by Inter Pipelines Ltd to re-establish black spruce on a 65 km right of way of which 40+ km were in the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range.

The right of way ran through a number of diverse and complex ecosystems, InterPipeline understanding the complexity and costs of re-establishing vegetation on the right of way using conventional methods, decided to utilize some of the latest innovative techniques for restoring vegetation on Peatland bogs and treed fens. Global Restoration had been winter planting black spruce successfully using raised micro-sites (mounding) for the past three winters averaging 90 to 95% survival. Having the site preparations and planting completed during the cleanup stage of their program enabled them to take advantage of their existing winter access and eliminated the expense of having to fly planters and seedlings in during the summer.

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The site preparations utilized 2 excavators and operators provided by a local First Nations construction company. Operators were trained by Global Restoration staff on the technique of creating the best possible mounds for peat bogs and the importance of using raised microsites for planting in peat lands. Areas mounded were chosen by combining information using stand type and a map indicating peat depth; the peat depth map was produced using Ground Penetrating Radar data. The prescribed mounding and seedling density was set to match the adjacent stand densities; mound sizes were determined by bog or fen type being treated. Large mounds at lower densities were established in areas that are prone to high or fluctuating water tables to increase the likelihood of seedling survival while following the natural stand density in the surrounding ecosystem. Once created, the mounds were planted immediately with frozen Black Spruce seedlings.

Global Restoration Corp completed the project in the spring of 2014. Contact Dave Larsen for more information or to find out how we can help with your next project.

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